Word of the Day: Denomination

If I had a nightclub and sang Babaloo you’d swear I was Ricky Ricardo. Not because of my Cuban accent, which is fading sadly. But because of my wife. I married Lucy. And yes, I love Lucy. There are so many things that I want to do, so many situations that I’d like to put her in, just for my own enjoyment. This summer, I’m trying to get her to come and work in a vineyard with me (hopefully you’ve seen that episode).

Everybody loves Tara. (ooh, that could be a show, or I could rename my blog).

Episode One: (these are 100% true BTW)

Tara moves to Texas. She and her mom come to unpack boxes at the new place. I was at work. Our nice neighbor Kevin comes over to meet the new neighbors (us). Tara and her mom answer. Tara, wearing post-work out, wifebeaterish shirt and shiny blonde hair peeking from under a bandana greets him. People in Texas are so nice.

Kevin spies a large picture of Jesus just unpacked.

“Oh. What denomination are you?”

Tara raises an eyebrow and looks at her arms.


“Um. Ok.”

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