Man Goal #1

Ever since I got an early production pair of 1791 Jeans, I try to get manly in them. This weekend I camped in them and I’m pretty sure that Bo wiped snot on them. While freezing, because my sleeping bag zipper was busted, I made a short term man goal.

Kill Something. Eat it. Wear it.

Now, I’ve never hunted before. Once I ran over a cat accidentally with my beach cruiser, 8th grade. Felt horribly. So I’m really going to have to man up for this one. Unless it’s spontaneous, I’ll film it. Once it’s completed, I’ll set a new one.

Near Jacksboro Texas for the Red Steagal Ride

Word of the Day: Selvage (why are Selvage edge jeans more expensive? Because they last.)

The selvage  is the term for the self-finished edges of fabric. The selvages keep the fabric from unraveling or fraying. The selvages are a result of how the fabric is created. In woven fabric, selvages are the edges that run parallel to the warp (the longitudinal threads that run the entire length of the fabric), and are created by the weft thread looping back at the end of each row.  Historically, the term selvage applied only to loom woven fabric, though now can be applied to flat-knitted fabric.

The terms selvage and selvedge are a corruption of “self-edge”, and have been in use since the 16th century.[5]

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