The funniest note I’ve ever seen from a teacher…

My little boy Bo will invent the next Google, I’m sure of it. We just need to hone his test taking skills a bit. Upon Bo scoring 12/40 on his test, Mrs. Cromley wrote the following to him:


From Mrs. Cromley: “I wonder if doing THE WORM during the test had any affect on your concentration?”

*not to be a stickler Mrs. Cromley, but “I wonder” is a statement that should be ended in a period, not a question mark. 0/1, PLEASE REWRITE AND RESUBMIT IN THE MORNING. This woman has the patience of Job, thanks for corralling Bo each day. 

8 thoughts on “The funniest note I’ve ever seen from a teacher…

      • If you compare the “e” in the word “wonder” with the “a” in “concentration”, you’ll see that the e is closed and the a is open at the top with the line at the side falling into the t. It’s ‘concentration’. The note is so funny!

  1. Bro. Mabry – I am a life caster doing an exhibit. Your exhibit was set up so beautifully. I’d like to do something different, but similar to your setup. May I talk with you about the setting up of my exhibit as I have a few questions about how you set up yours? My e-mail is below. Thank you so much for your exhibit. I felt the spirit as I walked through, watched your video and listened to your Fireside. It built my testimony further.

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