I can’t believe I had this conversation with my 12 year old.

On the way back from a campout a few days ago, Marky and I got deep. And before I realized what was flying out of my mouth I said something to this effect.

“Son, I need you and your brothers to be smart. Because in only six years your draft eligible. And if the world is at a place where our young men are going to war, I want you in a plane, or in intelligence.”

God bless our guys on the ground who storm buildings and dodge RPGs. It is my nightmare to have the meeting that this Navy Seals dad had with Secretary Clinton.

Bush had his faults, but I just can’t see anyone in his administration treating a Navy Seal dad like this.



One thought on “I can’t believe I had this conversation with my 12 year old.

  1. Mark you are right, I am so angry at Biden and his remarks to the Dad and to the entire administration for what has occurred and the way it has been handled since. Bless our military .where ever they may serve.May God be with you and bring you home in your original condition to your families. Ass some tears here.

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