The Truth about Working for Glenn Beck! Now that I’m gone.

My last day at TheBlaze was about two three ago and people keep asking me,

“Now that you can speak freely… What was it like to work for Glenn Beck?”

I’m about to leave the state for a while, so hey, here goes…

(everything I’m about to say really happened)

There was the time our plane nearly crashed over the Bermuda Triangle. That was the same trip that a few of us, including the Great Mike Opelka, took a spur of the moment trip into smoldering, riot torn Athens, to shoot an overnight documentary. I took a midnight portrait of Glenn on Mars Hill with the Acropolis in the background. He didn’t seem to hear when I told him, in the pitch dark, that I didn’t bring a flash. So we shot it with two glowing iphones, a and a flashlight bounced off a white shirt for a reflector. We ate gyros at 4:00AM and headed back to the plane.

He sent me to chase two different tornados that year.

He told me that any sentence that begins with “I am” is like a prayer, since “I AM” is a name for God, so make sure it’s reverent. “I am lousy, I am afraid, I am not good enough…” all don’t have place in someone who believes in God.

One night, he almost sent me last second to the GOP national convention just to prove with my camera that “Conservative women aren’t all as fat” as the pool photographers were making them look.

Late night emails from Glenn are the stuff awesome biographies are made of.

I was with him all week when Victor, his dog, passed away.

Another time, we went rogue when security wasn’t looking. We hopped in his car and headed into Fort Worth on an errand from Tania to come back with a table and chairs for the new house. Three paintings, one stuffed buffalo, an antique Presidential medal of peace, and a life-sized wooden Indian later, we were leaving the store… on the way out, he grabbed a table and chairs. *Turbulence over the Bermuda Triangle was less scary than Glenn’s driving on the 820S into Fort Worth.

Speaking of security, he has the most loyal and talented security detail in the world. He loves them and never stops expressing it.

I heard him pray hundreds of times, almost always in private… and yes, even for the President and congress. And in a strange twist of fate, I prayed with him that “those in the company that were supposed to be elsewhere would receive a great opportunity and take it.” About a month later, my opportunity fell out of the sky and it was unmistakeable. Didn’t see that coming. (I’ll talk more about my life-changer in due time).

During a grueling tour, he took time to visit my Grandma in AZ a month or so before she passed away.

Once he told me to leave for a week and come back with a Christmas album (thank God for talented friends and family). The album hit #14 overall on itunes, #3 on holiday (just sayin’), it trashed the charts on Amazon. Around the same time he introduced me to Hutch and asked me to stay by his side till God let us know Hutch’s message was delivered. About 4 months later Hutch passed away and Glenn let me cry on his shoulder.

And yes, Glenn does really cry more off camera than on it. It’s actually contagiously emotional around Glenn.

He even cried when reading the Disney prospectus at 2:00AM by full moon at his ranch.

Early on, he confided in me that there were things he’d said that he would take back if given the chance… Later, he said the same thing on radio.

A few months ago I got an email invite from Tim Ballard (operation underground railroad) to go undercover and purchase two kids in child trafficking sting operation. Glenn emailed, “I can’t tell you to do something that risky, but if you feel like it’s right…” I learned to recognize when he was winking via email. I subsequently, with the cooperation of the Haitian government, bought to kids and was arrested at gunpoint. I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

My bold prediction, TheBlaze is going to become huge. People are  floored to find out that  in the top 45 trafficked sites on the internet already.

His art department is innovative and wild. His show producer can do just about anything. My closet is packed with 1791 clothing from LJ who became a dear friend.

Tania and my wife, Tara, are like sisters. They even looked like it. His kids call me uncle Mark… One time, Glenn busted us all for jumping off the roof onto our trampoline…. and honestly, it hurt like hell when Raphe asked why I quit. Especially when the answer is one of those intangible ones.

My solace is that his dad knows the feeling of needing to zig when common sense says that you should probably zag.

I walked out of Mercury Studios after a tearful and inspiring meeting with Glenn wondering what he would think about me when the tears settled… people just don’t leave working for Glenn.

A few nights later he invited us out to dinner and a movie… just like old times. We email, we talk, and he’s still my friend.

What was working for Glenn really like?

He’s probably the most misunderstood man I know, he was always more than honest and more than fair, and will be a dear friend for life.

9 thoughts on “The Truth about Working for Glenn Beck! Now that I’m gone.

  1. In a life time you will be able to count on one hand people that have had a major influence in your life. Glenn is one of those great people, its the rare individual that can say thank you for all you’ve done and then release you to follow your passion.
    Proud of you Son.

  2. Thanks Mark. It’s neat to hear about life behind the scenes. In fact, I think Glenn would reach a lot more people by focusing on these interactions. Good luck to you my friend! I hope your new adventure is filled with growth & opportunity!

  3. I am a faithful listener follower of the blaze and have a deep respect for Glenn beck. I honor his humility, love of The Lord and his mission. As I trudge in and out of my job everyday, hating it, he’s inspired me to do more, be more, and live more. I often wonder and dream of working for him so I loved reading this post and imagining what a blessing it is for you to call him friend. What an experience that will help you continue to shape the world as you move on to your next chapter. Best wishes and thank you.

  4. That is incredible…although I will say I am not surprised that your experiences were anything but amazing and good working with Mr. Beck. Truly the most misunderstood man… those that never listen to him.

  5. Say it ain’t so! It just dawned on me, today (July 26), that I hadn’t seen a FB post from you in quite some time. You were always so prolific, and I really enjoyed following your exploits with Glenn and your family. It being summer, I figured you guys were probably on an extended vacation, but thought maybe I had better investigate. I was shocked to learn you are not with Glenn any longer, but happy that a career opportunity came along that was so good you couldn’t pass it up.

    The reason I was so in the dark and missed your farewell is because, coinciding with your big news, I was on hiatus from FB and Glenn’s shows the last couple weeks of May and the first three weeks of June. Everything I know came from this one blog and the last few posts on your timeline. May God Bless you and your family and these life enrichment events that have happened to you. Thank you for what you did with the Underground Railroad. Talk about life altering events, you made life better for two kids. What could ever be better than that? Hope to see you on some future Glenn Specials. As TheBlaze grows, don’t you think a Bo and Raphe adventure show should be in the works? Good luck to you, and keep your FB “friends” up to date with what’s going on with everybody

  6. I love your perspective, Mark! Our 15 year-old son, Ben, has come to love Beck on his own. We even made sure a trip to Glenn’s studios was on our “to do” list during a “quick” trip to Dallas last year – even though we knew we’d only get to walk around the building. I’m sending this to him to read. He’ll love it. Thank you! We’re glad to have been able to know you while you were growing up. You turned out pretty darn good!!!

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