Canon’s #SB49 Postgame Cap’n Crunch Meltdown

Canon got a sweater for his birthday… He picked it out with us at the sporting good store. Without any team allegiance, he picked the Seahawks sweater because I spent a lot of time in Seattle shooting #Hutch last year. He loved it and wore it all fall, everyday. In wearing the sweater he started to love the team, but none of us knew how much until after the Super Bowl….

Possible moral of the story: sometimes what we wear can work from the outside in. 

One thought on “Canon’s #SB49 Postgame Cap’n Crunch Meltdown

  1. Just saw this post! Nice to know the story behind the team allegiance. Loved your last comment. Or “we are what we wear”. Hope You are all doing great think about you every day! Love you. A Marsh

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