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I’ll rot for this…

When I lived in St. Petersburg, I loved the Russian museum. It holds the work of the original Russian Realists and their wayword offspring The Soviet Realist painters. These guys could flat- PAINT. Their command of light, color, and detail is something that changed my thought processes as a writer and photographer. They had talent … Continue reading

Man Goal #1

Ever since I got an early production pair of 1791 Jeans, I try to get manly in them. This weekend I camped in them and I’m pretty sure that Bo wiped snot on them. While freezing, because my sleeping bag zipper was busted, I made a short term man goal. Kill Something. Eat it. Wear … Continue reading

Mont Blonc

Mont Blonc claims the tallest peak in the Western Alps. It’s on the border of France and Italy, for centuries they have fought over exactly whose it is. For now, France has it. My favorite pens are Mont Blanc, named for the mountain but manufactured in Germany. German actress, turned American, Marlene Dietrich was honored … Continue reading